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While working out does improve an employee’s outlook on life, what is also helpful is a business or corporation’s Return on Investment (“ROI”).  A successful and proven rate of six-to-one looks attractive to companies trying to trim the fat off the budget by literally trimming the fat off as well for many employees.  Corporations know the proof is in the ROI.  According to the Society for Human Resource Management (“shrm”) for every dollar invested, the intervention yielded a $6 in health care savings.” That’s a 6-1 ROI. Once most companies see these impressive savings and earnings, in addition to the noted increased productivity of the employees, the merit of investing in wellness programs becomes evident. Wellness activities improve the health of the employees. Less absenteeism along with increased productivity remain the top two positive impacts with a wellness program in place at your place of employment.   The pinnacle of success a corporation should consider is noted as the “6 pillars of an effective workplace wellness program to maximize the positive outcomes of these programs. Personal trainers and health-related professional have a great working possibility in this area, especially those who are creative and have the tools to add substance to each of the six pillars.. The programs are an incentive to good health.  Many facilities now offer on-site gyms, or a personal running forest such as Nike’s World Head Quarters in Beaverton, Oregon.  The “Michael Johnson” track loops through a huge forest of conifers for all runners, bikers, or walkers for those employed by Nike. Security roams in auto vehicles ensuring nobody is on the track that doesn’t belong, and offering security and ease of mind for protection.  A company that invests in their employees through fitness is saving more money now than ever. Corporate wellness programs are worth the investment.  Though this does all sound simple, the process is not as easy as seemingly perceived.  Leonard Berry’s recently published Harvard Business Review determined “6 Pillars of an Effective Workplace.”  The first two are as follows:Pillar 1 – Multilevel Leadership – A Culture of HealthA culture of health must be established by leadership and passed along to the employees. The employer ultimately sets the tone for creating the passion for wellness in the workplace.  The CEO or the president of a company needs to be engaged in fitness activities so the employees can learn from example and feel they can use the time spent at work for workout time since the CEO engages in physical activity then everybody cannot feel like they are constantly running on a treadmill.  It’s one thing to offer workplace programs, but another to actually engage with employees and lead by example.Enjoying wellness activities alongside the CEO creates a cohesive team spirit.  With the entire workplace supporting each other the culture is established, and people naturally follow. Those who may not have wanted to join in the past may take on a different view once wellness activities are in place and being enjoyed by all.

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