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Music helped our universe so much since it was first made. It also made a lot of people’s life easier. Music helped Thomas Jefferson wrote the declaration of independence.When ever he couldn’t think of anything to write down, Thomas would play the violin to get his thought going. After he got and idea he wrote it down. That is how the declaration of independence was written.  Albert Einstein wasn’t the smartest kid growing up. When he was younger he got taken out of school, because he was too “stupid to learn”. So his parents bought him a violin. After he started playing more, and more he became very good at it. Music helped Albert because the smartest person (O’Donnell, 2017). Why was music invented? Well it was invented for people to express their emotions through words. Hoping that their song will paint a picture for others. Music was invented in 1000 CE. by Guido D’Arezzo who made improvements on music. Around 4000 BC the Egyptians made the harp and flute. The guitar was made in 1500 BCE by the Hittites. Greece is the roots of the type of classical music. In 1445 the printer press was used for the first time to print music. Before the printer press people had to write music from hand (History of Music Company, 2017).The Middle ages started using music around the 16th century. It usually uses or used medieval music. There are two different type of music styles they were called the monophonic and the polyphonic. Renaissance which mean “rebirth”. They started testing, and experimenting with different types/styles of music. Starting using more types of instruments they found something that had to deal with 6 voice parts (History of Music Company,2017). The Baroque is also known as “barocco” which means brazzer. Around this time people experimented with instruments, musical contrast, styles, and forms. Some of the instruments were the oboe, viola, harp, violin, and the double bass. This period was going from around the 1700- 1750. Classical music which was around 1750-1820. During this time people had more access to music than back in the days. People who were making  music wanted to make less complicated and easier for people to understand (History of Music Company, 2017). The piano was the instrument that was used more frequently than the other ones. Romantic music took place around the 1900-2000. They wanted to use music to express an idea of emotion. Also the wanted to expanded the wind instruments. The instruments that were mostly used during the romantic era was the saxophone, and the flute. The 20th century is the year 2000 to now  Composers are more willing to try different things, types of music to see if it makes something that the public might like. Also technology is thriving know a days (Estrella, n.d). The different type of composer are using technology to make more advanced music. The different types of style of music rock and roll, pop, classical, blues, jazz, rap, hip-hop, country, gospel music, heavy metal, and many more. Music surrounds us in our everyday life. There is not a spot that music isn’t known. Since technology is getting more high tec. So humans know hear way more music nowadays. Also we here different styles that all humans might like. Clam music known as classical helps a lot of people concentrate before there tests, or doing their homework. Music that plays loud might distract you more from doing some simple type of task. When you hear calm music you don’t get as distracted. When you are stressed rock and roll, heavy metal, etc. will probably make you more stressed than you already are.  When clam music can release the stress, and help you calm down. People mostly listen to music to help them concentrate on test or doing everyday tasks. When people get told to do something like a simple task most humans will either listen to music or have some other type of instrumental song playing. All of use respond to music in different type of ways. There are two different types of rhythm respondes. The first one is called the actual rhythm of hearing the music. The second one is called the physical response. Like it was saying the two different response are hearing, and physical reaction. So when we hear the music, and it can make us have a physical emotion behind it. Another example is our bodys has a different type of rhythms like our heartbeat when we run, jog, breathe, or even while walking. Classical music can make a human’s body heartbeat, pulse rate relax to the clam music. While rock and roll, or heavy metal most likely can make you heartbeat, pulse rate not be relaxed, or make you not feel calm (O’Donnell, 2017). Sometimes if people are hearing the same music that doesn’t mean that they would feel the same. Like people might have different perspectives on the same type of music. Or they can have the same response to the song, or type of music. The way that music can affect your mind emotionally, and physical is quite intriguing. Sometimes people might think that louder music makes them feel better. Music can affect your memory in a positive, or in a negative way it all depends on the type of music. Some type of music can increase your ability to learn in a good way not just negative. Sometimes doing something including playing an instrument, singing, etc. can make things more easier for your brain to process the music in front of you. When listening to music it can either affect you in a healthy way or a not so healthy way. Like when you listen to slow music your heartbeat will be slower, and not as fast. When listening to faster tempo music you can have a faster heartbeat. Also playing your music really loud in your ears can cause some unhealthy things like. The lost of hearing, or your hearing isn’t as good as it was before. The different type of music patterns can also affect your brain, or memory (O’Donnell, 2017). People can also feel better about what there are doing when they hear music.Music can affect your memory very easily now a day. It is because music is so much more popular, and it is thriving in our world today. Everywhere in our world music is there. There is  music everywhere like in movies / movie theater, grocery stores, restaurants, the mall, schools, the churches, etc.  Most humans know of day listen to all, many different genres, styles of music, but there are just some types of music that can affect us differently. A lot people didn’t know that music had an effect on your body, or brain. It took a lot of people to realise that it did affect you. Music can affect many different spots in the brain. Each spot it effects has a different type of effect on your brain, memory, heart beat, pulse, and more. Music can effect in more ways than us humans can image. Some people also would listen to piano music, because it also calms their mind down while doing homework, or study for test. The same way as classical music. (History of Music Company). Some people also found out that some people either listen to rock and roll, or louder music before bed. Other people would listen to clamer music like instrumental, or classical. Another thing is since music is all around use we can act different the the people around us. Like if you like pop music and classical is playing. You might not as in tuned with it then the people who like classical, but when pop comes on you will be more in tuned with the music that is playing that at time. Listening to music is something that we all like to do know a days. Now that people know how music work, but before people were experimenting with music because it wasn’t well known. Now they know what it is because technology is thriving more than it did back in the day.

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