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According to the online website “Cosmetic Dentistry”, “a cosmetic dentist is a restorative dentist who has studied the concept of smile design and dental material to create dental art.” This certain type of dentistry consist of teeth whitening, bonding, filling, and much more. Before they began to perform a procedure, these dentists will ask their patients what they like or dislike about their teeth, and what the patient wants to be changed. ( “cosmetic dentistry” ). After doing this the dentist will began examining their patients teeth in order to clearly understand the problem areas of their teeth. Then they will discuss what procedure needs to be done, the amount of time it will take to complete, and the cost patients will have to pay ( “cosmetic dentistry” ).Dentists are dedicated to maintaining and improving oral health of others. Thanks to the “latest advancements in dental technology”, cosmetic dentists are now able to use materials that are both more durable and attractively authentic to fix teeth ( Resource, Ace Dental ). Porcelain veneers used to look unnatural, because the color of the filling did not match the color of the teeth of the patient. Fortunately, there are now new ways to make veneers that allow dentists to  achieve a more realistic looking filling for their patients. This is something that definitely satisfies patients,  and as a result of this the dentists job can feel more fulfilling by knowing their patients are happy with the outcome of the job the dentist did. New advances in technology have also made procedures more efficient. By using lasers dentists are able to work on the teeth in a way that is more comfortable for the patient ( “cosmetic dentistry” ). Using “lasers to work on patients teeth also results in a quicker recovery” ( “cosmetic dentistry” ). What exactly does it take to become a cosmetic dentist? Just like any other kind of dentist, they have to go to college to get their bachelors degree. Although getting a masters or doctorate degree isn’t required for all dentists. However, because there is a high demand for this type of dentistry, “Resource, Ace Dental” states, “more general dentists are expanding their repertoire to cover cosmetic areas as well”.  Cosmetic dentistry is a type of dental specialist that focuses on enhancing patients smiles through new and old techniques. Cosmetic dentist have to go to college longer than a dentist hygienist or assistant would have to. “The amount of additional training cosmetic dentists undergo allows them to blend both art and science into smiles that are healthy and beautiful” ( Resource, Ace Dental ).  For this reason they spent a lot of their time studying various cosmetic dental procedures ( “Dentist Schools & Careers | How to Become a Dentist” ). In doing this they can earn their doctorates degree. Earning this degree can take anywhere from four to eight years. With this many years of school to have to complete the price of college ranges anywhere from 21,000 to 300,000 dollars. Which is more than enough to put someone in debt, thankfully, “The average salary for dentists in 2015 topped $158,310”, says “Dentist Schools & Careers | How to Become a Dentist”. As a matter of fact, there were actually other dentist who earned over that amount. A salary like that could surely encourage anybody to pursue this pricey career. But before becoming a dentist, college students must attend a pre dental school. A pre dental school takes two to four years to complete, and there are numerous schools that offer a pre dental program, one them being the university of Michigan ( Saad, Ali ). Completing four years of pre dental school is how many students earn their bachelor’s degree. These schools usually provide learning programs such as laboratory, clinical, and classroom instructions ( “dental hygienist” ). Anatomy, nutrition, medical ethics, and patient management are just a handle full of classes to consider studying ( “dental hygienist” ). Taking these classes is a great way for dental students to understand and get familiar with dental terminology (, ). In fact, other skills dentists should have include good communication and people skills because dentist interact with patients, assistants, and other employees all day (, ). Additionally dentist work in on people’s teeth inside their mouth, which is not very much work space. So they have to be able to mindfully use tools during a procedure to assure they will not harm their patients ( Resource, Ace Dental ). Not to mention, most dentist are in charge of their own businesses, and in charge of all the employees who work at their office. For that reason  it is a good idea dentists to also have leadership skills. Managing a business can be stressful if the dentist does not have any prior business management knowledge ( Saad, Ali ). While at the same time being very beneficial because dentist will be in charge of themselves. This means that they are able to make and arrange their own schedule. Which allows them to have a more flexible schedule.In addition to these skills, dentists are also required to have a license. Requirements for these licenses vary by states ( “Dental Hygienists” ). The things required in most states are usually a degree in dentistry from an authorized school and passing grades on exams ( “Dental Hygienists”). For dentists to sustain their license, they “must complete continuing education requirements” ( “Dental Hygienists” ). Although a great amount of schooling goes into this profession. With many different tasks dentist are expected to know how to perform. Being a cosmetic dentist  isn’t only about performing dental procedures,  it’s also about understanding your patients and staff ( Saad, Ali ). So that you are able to make your patients feel as comfortable as possible, and get the best work done possible with your staff ( Saad, Ali ). So that you are able to make your patients feel as comfortable as possible, and get the best work done possible with your staff ( Saad, Ali ).

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