In more appealing. This program would not

In a quickly
changing world of automobiles, having a comprehensive knowledge and to keep one
updated about the current developments in the market, has become inevitable.

Being an
Automotive Engineer for over six years had developed in me a curiosity and unappeasable
desire to explore the field of Automotive Powertrains which created an urge to
apply for this program. Moreover, the opportunity to learn in a top university
like Windsor, known for its valuable contribution in the field of automobile
engineering made this prospect even more appealing. This program would not only
introduce me to the advancements in the automotive industry but will also equip
me to face the challenges that arise in handling new teams and projects.

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My undergrad
program in Automobile Engineering at Anna University helped me to acquire a
strong background in I.C Engines, vehicle dynamics, automotive embedded
systems, I.C engine design, design of chassis and chassis systems. Also, it
covered the basics of mechanical engineering like engineering mechanics,
strength of materials, finite element analysis, applied thermodynamics,
mechanics of materials and machines. As a part
of my want to see things practically, I interned in the manufacturing unit of Carriage
and Wagon Works, Indian Railways where I gained hands-on experience on
maintenance and overhauling operations.

After completing
my undergrad program, I got an opportunity on campus to work with Tata
Consultancy Services Limited (TCS), for one of the famous US automobile
manufacturer. This is where I started building my professional career, which
started as a Durability Analyst- Trainee, in the EIS (Engineering and Industrial
services) domain. I underwent rigorous training for three months
to comprehend the concepts of durability, Noise, Vibration and Harshness (NVH),
and safety on automotive applications. Also, was trained in concepts of fatigue
and on CAE software suites like ABAQUS,
NASTRAN, Hypermesh, FeSafe, ANSA and SimLab. This instilled in me a
passion to explore and dive deep in the field of CAE Automotive Powertrains.      

For the past six years, I am working as a Durability Analyst for
automotive powertrain durability projects that include thermo-mechanical
fatigue analysis of cylinder head, block and exhaust system, gasket sealing
analysis, mount load sealing and structural integrity analysis, powertrain
bending modal analysis, mechanical shock analysis of electrical brackets, modal
analysis on liquid and air cooled battery packs. These analyses helped me to
gain expertise on finite element modelling using different pre-processors,
connections, analysis setup like assigning material properties, boundary and
loading conditions, and post processing the results including design

During my tenure in TCS, I was also delegated to Shanghai, China to execute
a project on thermo-mechanical fatigue analysis of cylinder head and block. As
a pilot project, I had to complete low cycle and high cycle fatigue analysis
from pre-processing to post-processing. This gave me the confidence to work on
things alone even though constraints like limited access, language and
different work culture arises. After the completion of this pilot project, I
was assigned a team to teach them the nuances of the work I had done. I was
also recognized as the Star performer for completion of critical projects and
have received many on spot awards for successful completion of projects on time.

Currently, I
also mentor the new joiners in Hypermesh and SimLab which is a finite element
pre-processing tool because of my comprehensive knowledge and exposure in
handling 1D, 2D and 3D modelling. Also, I have good hands-on experience in
ABAQUS CAE with expertise in handling linear and non-linear static analysis.
Also, good in handling Teamcenter and UG NX for observing and studying the part
details used in the CAE applications. Also, capable of implementing simple design
changes in 3D modelling using UG NX when design recommendation arises after
post processing.

The introduction
of Finite Element Analysis in my undergrad helped me to understand the engineering behind solving mechanical problems
through numerical methods.  This helped
me to appreciate the role of FEA in the transformation of a product from its
mule phase to the final phase. The fascination for FEA created in me the determination
to pursue a job in the same domain which came true through the excellent
opportunity I got to work with FEA on Powertrains.

Right from my
college days, I got myself involved in every activity that happened in my
campus. To quote a few, I was the treasurer of IRTT AEA, which is an
association of automobile engineers. As a part of this, I had organized many
department level conferences and symposia. Also, I was the treasurer of LEO
club, a part of LIONS club which is involved in social and welfare activities. Also,
was actively involved in SAE IRTT chapter, where I have participated in
national and regional level conferences and was also a part of THROTTLE, a
college level SAE event. These introduced me to take responsibilities and see
the hard work that is put behind every event to make it a great success. One
thing that I learnt from these is being in the backstage than in the limelight
plays an important role as it is where things take shape. This is where I also
developed a desire for photography which has become a hobby now.

This was further
nurtured in my professional life, as I got many opportunities to host and
conduct many events both technical and CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility).
These inculcated in me the focus needed to achieve anything and everything,
treating everyone the way I want myself to be treated, and to inspire and
encourage the team to making them stay positive and achieve more. These
experiences taught me how to interact with and maintain a good relationship
with the diverse clients throughout my professional career. This helped me out when
I was given a team to mentor and taught me how to be a team player as well.

Close to six years of experience in the field of CAE-Structural
analysis, has created in me a passion to learn more in this field. Moreover, the
qualities and exposure that I have gained throughout my undergrad and
professional life has given me enough potential to pursue more in the field of
automotive technology. And I believe this course would provide all the elements
needed to achieve the same. 

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