The from aiding in digestion, study shows

The importance of the teeth cannot be overemphasized. From aiding in digestion to boosting one’s confidence, the teeth play a vital role in the lives of humans.

The human diet is usually made up of plant and animal products, which usually require some sort of “grinding” to help release the nutrients stored in these foods and make it available for the body to use to function. The teeth serve the first mechanism in the process of breaking down food to ensure that digestion is made easier for the rest of the systems involved in the process

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It is therefore very important to keep the teeth healthy and strong.

Aside from aiding in digestion, study shows that people with strong white teeth tend to be more confident in public and are less likely to suffer from health issues related to food. Keeping the teeth white and clean is, therefore, an essential task that should not be taken lightly.

Study shows that close to 18% of people hide their teeth in public or when taking pictures due to discolored teeth, About 1 in every 10 Americans has tried some sort of teeth whitening product at least once in their lives.

Teeth cleaning is a part of oral hygiene and involves removing plaque and food residue on and in between the teeth, with the aim of preventing the formations of cavities and other teeth related diseases.

There are various ways to achieve the teeth whitening effect either through a professional or by doing-it-yourself.

DIY ways of whitening the teeth may be effective but sometimes can be dangerous, that is why seeking medical attention may just be the best way to go.


Laser teeth whitening techniques is a teeth whitening technique that is best carried out by a professional.

This technique is done with a hydrogen peroxide gel and a whitening light. The hydrogen peroxide gel is applied to the teeth and then whitening accelerator light is directed at the teeth to achieve maximum whitening.

The process usually takes an hour or less and achieves near perfect whitening when done by professionals.

There are two types of Laser teeth whitening, The photothermic bleaching, and the photochemical bleaching.

In photothermic bleaching, absorbed light energy is transformed into heat energy and then used to activate hydrogen peroxide gel applied on the teeth to “speed up” the whitening process of the teeth. This process is usually dangerous without proper professional hand and is usually carried out in the lab by a trained dentist.

The other type, the photochemical bleaching, is a bleaching process where a chemical reaction is induced to cause the bleaching effect on the tissues of the teeth. In this process, oxygen molecules are directly energized by visible light energy which aids in the whitening of the teeth.

The average cost of the laser teeth whitening procedure ranges from $85 to about $900 and may vary in quality with respect to the price. The gold level teeth cleaning costs lesser than the platinum level laser whitening.

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