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Sophie RittenhouseMr. Closs & Mr. Yager World History 1/9/2017Marie Antoinette    Many people may know Marie Antoinette as being a wealthy woman who had it all and she did, but by the end of her life she was a prisoner of the war.  Marie Antoinette had an interesting life that consisted of her becoming engaged at the age of 15. There are many things about Marie Antoinette that interest people, especially  what happened in her early life, mainly the events of the Diamond Necklace Affair, what happened at the end of her life.     To begin, Maria Antonia Josepha Joanna’s early life was simple even though she was a princess who lived in a palace. Born in Vienna, Austria, on November 2nd  in the year 1755 , Antoinette was one of  the 11 children of  Maria Theresa (The empress of Austria) and  Francis I (The Holy Roman Emperor).  In the 1765 Louis dauphin de France had suddenly died and his son Louis XVI had to marry Marie Antoinette because they were suppose to marry each other.  Marie went to France to get married, and she was accompanied by 376 horses and 57 carriages and 117 footmen.  Antoinette and her husband eventually had four children, her daughters Marie Thérèsa and Sophie Hélèn and her sons,  Louis XVII and Louis Joseph.    One of the biggest events in Marie Antoinette’s  life was the infamous Diamond Necklace Affair which started in 1780.  The people of France decided to create many rumors about her because she was not French, and a lot of the gossip was horrible. Marie Antoinette was definitely embarrassed by all the scandalous rumors and for her part in the Diamond Necklace Affair , 1785. The Diamond Necklace Affair was based upon how the French citizens believed that Antoinette was involved in the crime of theft of  jewelry and many were outraged about it. The events of this Affair helped lead to important events that took place during the French Revolution.    At the end of Antoinette’s life she helped to cause many of the unfortunate events that led to the beginning of the French Revolution and many of the events that caused the royal monarchy to be overthrown by the French citizens in the year of 1792. During the revolution she did not have the best life and she ended up having to leave her marvelous palace to become a prisoner of the war.  At the age of only 37 Antoinette was brought to the guillotine on October 16, 1793 to die. Even though she was decapitated at the end of her life, she was the symbol of extravagance and royal immortality for most of her life. Overall, Antoinette lived her life to the fullest until her life sadly came to an end during the gruesome time of the French Revolution. She was also the last queen of France.    Marie Antoinette was certainly an interesting person because of what happened in her early life, the events of the Diamond Necklace Affair, what happened at the end of her life. Marie Antoinette will forever be one of history’s most iconic figures because of all the interesting aspects of her life. “I was a queen, and you took away my crown; a wife, and you killed my husband; a mother, and you deprived me of my children. My blood alone remains: take it, but do not make me suffer long.” (Marie Antoinette).Work Cited Staff. “Marie-Antoinette.”, A&E Television Networks, 2009, “Marie Antoinette.”, A&E Networks Television, 28 Apr. 2017,”Marie Antoinette Quotes.” BrainyQuote, Xplore,        

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