The it is said that Emperor Wen

The Sui Dynasty was a very short dynasty with good
achievements during their imperial years, the major significance was unifying
the Northern and Southern Dynasties.


The Sui Dynasty was found by Emperor Wen of the Sui
in the capital of Changan, emperor Wen achieved many success whereby one of
them was starting the construction of the Grand Canal, and He also reduced
economic inequality and improved agricultural productivity. He also spread and
encouraged Buddhism to his empire.

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Sui Dynasty during their years they newly unified
empire entering the golden age with agricultural products which was there to
support the rapid growth of population.


Sui Dynasty is also known or compared as to the
earliest Qin Dynasty for uniting China through their wide range of their
construction projects that were highly recommended by Emperor Wen. This was
very important so as he could achieve his goals and objectives for his Empire.





WEN OF THE SUI (581-605)

He took over his reign in the year 581 and after
taking over he initiated construction projects and spread Buddhism to his
empire. During his construction he made his people poorer so as he can achieve
his own goals and objectives for the Dynasty.


He conquered Chen Empire and united China in 589,
Chen Empire was the empire near the Yangtze River which was the boundary and it
is said that Emperor Wen prepared 500,000 troops to fight against the Chen Empire
and after his victory he renamed the city Nanjing. After ruling for almost 23
years he died at the age of 64 in the year 604 which many believe that he was
killed by his son.


He assembled forces to fight against the forces of
the Chen Empire on the Yangtze River. They were very big tall ships prepared
for battle and to damage enemy ships that were against his Empire.


Emperor Wen was also known for bankrupting his state
so as he could complete his construction project and making improvements to his
infrastructure so as his empire could be well developed in their own state.









 Started the Construction of the Grand Canal,

Emperor Wen, started the construction of the Grand
Canal to develop his capital but he did not finish his construction because he
died during that time his son is the one who finished the Grand Canal.


rebuilt some parts of the Great Wall, 

He built some part of the Great wall on the north of
his kingdom and other sections of the wall along the northern boundary whereby
it was one of his key objectives to participate in the wall.


War on Vietnam,

Emperor Wen liked going to war and another of his
goals was to conquer Vietnam, He sent an army and captured Hanoi, won a lot
wars and different battles during that time he had strong army.


the spread of Buddhism,

Emperor Wen was a Buddhist and tried to spread
Buddhism which became popular during that time and also popular in the regions
in various kingdoms since the eastern Han era during the year (25-220).






The Following are the Reasons to Why Sui Dynasty did
not last for many years whereby there many factors as stated below.


Treatment, This was the situation whereby during the Sui
Dynasty people where harshly treated being forced to work without being paid or
given a break. So due to that the people decided to fight back against their
people so as to be free.


Taxation, People were forced to pay high taxes so as emperor
Wen could accomplish his goals and objectives for his construction projects but
the people were not happy but they had no choice.


Labour, People were also forced to do hard construction work
jobs without their own will without being given a rest for the construction of
the different projects of emperor Wen.


of Life, Many people died during that time in their own
empire whereby they were killed if they refused to follow the laws of their
governing state, the laws where very strict it led to huge loss of life.


of Emperors, There were a lot killings whereby even
emperor Wen was killed by his own son Yang Guang and after 13 years his son was
also killed by his Advisor.











I choose Sui Dynasty because it was short and
successful Dynasty even though it only lasted for 37 Years but they majorly
constructed the Grand Canal which is vital for China in trading and
transportation services for the people of China


Therefore it’s because of Sui Dynasty that China was
united within the northern and southern part whereby they were not united during
that time before Sui Dynasty took over in the year 518.


They started construction of the Grand Canal. Grand
Canal was the longest artificial river linking the yellow river and Yangtze
River also started the connection during the Sui Dynasty where by the total
length of the Canal was 1,776 km.

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