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Social Media has evolved a lot throughout the years, and today it has become an
integral part of modern society. On July 2016, Dr. D.S. Chaubey, Dr. Ali Ghufran, and Sajjad
Husain published an article on the relevance that social media has in marketing and advertising.
The article talked about all the benefits that different organizations and companies would get if
they put more emphasis on their social media strategy. If approached correctly, social media
would increase brand awareness and influence buying decisions of around 71% of their
consumers. The social media network links millions of users from all over the world with similar
views, hobbies, and interests. YouTube, Myspace, Facebook, and Twitter are all a few of the
many examples of social media that are well known among all levels of consumers. These sites
are used by consumers to share ideas about a given product, service, or brand that draws the
attention of other consumers. With the growth of Internet, online social networks have become
an important communication channel. As people spend more time on social media they
perceive it as a mentor for purchasing because they’re able to share information, opinions
(positive or negative), and compare with each other via different online groups, which can then
change consumers purchasing decisions. In addition, Dr. D.S. Chaubey, Dr. Ali Ghufran, and
Sajjad Husain explain how social media not only allows consumers to interact with individuals
whom they want to maintain a relationships with, but has also enabled e-commerce to reach a

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wider range of potential buyers. It has connected businesses directly to end consumers, in a
timely manner and at a lower cost.

This article is divided into three parts, social media information evaluation, product
purchase, and reinforcement. At the evaluation stage consumers are the ones who become the
direct outlets of providing instant information about a product or a service. Online brand
communities and virtual worlds, reviews, and blogs that link to social media accounts play an
important role during the evaluation stage. Next stage is social and product purchase, which is
an even more powerful touch of point. At this stage is where product placement, packaging,
availability, pricing, and sales interaction occurs. Many companies avoid selling on their social
media sites, however, many hospitality/tourism marketers are using social media platforms for
more than a relationship tool, they offer consumers to shop for their favorite vacation
destinations, transportation services, room-booking, etc. Finally, the social media and
reinforcement stage is where a deeper brand connection begins and the consumer starts to
actually interact with the product and online touch points. It is extremely important that
retailers increase their brands through creativity and make sure its customers are engaged on
their social media sites since shoppers are relying very heavily on these channels to make their
buying decisions.

After reading this article I learned more about the extreme importance of social media
for companies, many successful companies today wouldn’t be where they are if they didn’t
have a strong social media presence to grow their relationships with target markets. Something


that really stood out to me was a study done by a social media examiner, and he said that 97%
of marketers are currently participating in social media, but only 85% of the participants aren’t
sure on what are the best social media tools to use. These statistics really blew up my mind
because there are so many companies that have the potential to be great but they’re not
investing their money in the correct way when it comes to their social media. Although this
article talks mostly about the importance of having a strong social media presence, they
suggest that companies have a layout and a team of professionals that’s fully dedicated to
strategically planning all of its marketing. I also learned that many business don’t succeed early
on because they don’t realize the importance of doing social media campaigns to drive traffic
towards companies websites. Posting on the right social media channels, maximizing cost
effectiveness, improving your search engine visibility and tracking your social media impacts are
the most important aspects that need to get taken into account when you’re planning a
successful social media campaign. Another really interesting thing I learned from this article
that I can actually apply to my life is how small retailers have to utilize their social media within
their business models. Owning my own swimsuit company for two years it’s been a bit difficult
to maintain a strong social media presence. However, this article suggested that in order for
small retailers to succeed and be known, they must consider using both traditional and
nontraditional media in creative and engaging ways so they can attract a larger number of
consumers. Some ways in which this can be done is by not just selling our own products but
instead selling an entire experience (that’s centered around the product) but that adds a new
and exciting layer to the retail setting. I really enjoyed this article because it gave me a deeper


look at the importance of utilizing and embracing social media in today’s world, as well as
teaching me things that I can apply in the future no matter what company I’m part of.

This article relates to our class of professional selling because by having an active social
media site, retailers will have access to all the information that’s been stored online to improve
consumer experience and potentially build a long term partnership. Many firms benefit from
their own social networks (Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest) by examining the data to predict the
likelihood of consumers purchase intentions or to simply get to know their consumers a little
better. Assessing the networks data improves the company’s marketing efforts because it
provides them with important information that will help them understand their customer’s
needs. Even though many companies differ, majority of them can go through their data and
gather some information or general idea of their consumers. This includes things such as their
name, address, telephone number, occupation, approximate income, and family status. These
results can help companies who are trying to sell a product and want to obtain prior
information to know their customers better and what their needs may be. However, it can also
help businesses focus on a profitable, meaningful, and personalized relationship with their
customer. Retaining 2-3% of customers shows an equivalent 10% cost reduction, and when
someone buys from you again there’s a 65% reduction in the sales cycle making it the best way
to grow your company. If businesses make it easy for people to share their stories (because
people love to talk about themselves), connect and bring people together who are facing
similar daily obstacles, make it more about their customer and not the product, and take every
opportunity to gain feedback, it will leverage companies to build strong long lasting


relationships. Soon enough after that the consumer may enter the exploration phase and then
proceed to the expansion phase where repeat orders are generated, upgrades are made,
accessories to your original product are available, and brand new products come out. At this
point in the selling cycle businesses across all industries must stay relevant and keep up with all
new social media advancements to ensure that they keep getting noticed by consumers while
maintaining a good impression.

Furthermore, this article can also link back to our professional selling class because
when a customer has a great experience, they will tell one person but when they have a bad
experience they will tell ten people at a time. Networking is a big way that people can share
their stories, exchange contacts or information about other people or businesses, they gather
usually once a month all for a common purpose. Since many people don’t become clients
immediately, especially if the sales cycle is long, social media makes it an essential part for
business to cultivate this long-term relationship. Dr. Ali Ghufran says that “people first need to
know who you are, what you do and why you are good” and although social media helps boost
this idea through social interactions, it’s important for salespeople to help service, be proactive
with their clients, and provide them with assistance at all times. The use of visual tools like
charts, online catalogs/brochures, testimonials, video tapes, and powerpoints also are very
useful for teaching and informing consumers about different products, benefits, or any
upcoming promotions. Anyone who’s not engaged in some form of social media is making a
mistake in today’s world given the volume of people who embrace and utilize it, it truly opens
up a whole new world of endless opportunities of potential interactions with consumers.

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