C204 manufacturing system toaccommodate growth, as well

C204 Task 2 – MerrillTASK A: Selected scenario is “Scenario #1″Scenario #1:You are a manager of a company that has recently purchased a smaller company. The purchasedcompany has an existing product, which will now be part of your product offering. The product is aweight-loss supplement called Weight Loss Optimizer. The product has been very successful for theprevious owner, but the company had limited ability to adjust its manufacturing system toaccommodate growth, as well as a limited potential sales audience. Your role is to oversee andcoordinate all aspects of launching the product from the newly acquired company. You have a fargreater manufacturing capacity and more potential customers readily available because you already sellseveral weight-loss related products to a large base of customers.Weight Loss Optimizer has been proven successful by a research study. The study consisted of 100participants, 90% of whom lost at least 15 pounds over a reasonable time period. To date, the studyparticipants have successfully maintained their weight loss by continuing to use the product. Of theusers, 80% were able to maintain their weight loss with continued use of Weight Loss Optimizer. The10% of study participants who were not successful may have been unsuccessful because they did notfollow the program’s protocol as set forth. An inherent risk in a weight loss product is the inability todetermine if the product has failed to produce results or if the user has not followed directions.Dissatisfied customers present a challenge as a result.Your success relies upon your external business partner, Pills Inc., who manufactures the pill casing forthe Weight Loss Optimizer. You will need to work closely with this partner to ensure your manufacturingoperation is able to increase as needed in a just-in- time environment to meet sales demands. Yourcontact’s name at Pills Inc. is Susan Jones. You have received a customer complaint via the company’s social media page. The customer’s complaintis as follows: “Weight Loss Optimizer does not work! I’ve been using this for a week, and I haven’t lostanything! No one should buy this product!”TASK B: Develop an e-mail to motivate and encourage the staff within your company from yourchosen scenarioTo: Aspiring Lifez Team MembersFrom: Chatney Merrill, Product ManagerSubject: Introducing new product launch – Fat Burner PluzHappy Holiday’s Team! Today I come to you and I am excited to tell you about the newest product wewill soon be offering. We will be launching a new weight loss supplement in the next quarter – FatBurner Pluz. There will be a companywide debriefing explaining the details of the roll out of the newproduct. I thought it was important to share the details of the product, along with highlighting theadvantages and disadvantages so that each of you can find out how and where to assist in making thisintroduction a successful. I look so forward to speaking with you all further along with sharing yourthoughts, ideas and opinions to maintain and grow our company success.Advantages: The first of many advantages includes 75% of participants in the most recent researchstudy discovered they have more energy after just one week of using Fat Burner Pluz. The weight lostresults are also just as outstanding. This product not only helps individuals gain energy and lose weight,but also helps to stimulate brain capacity, reduction of appetite, and boost metabolism.The second advantage is that each and every study participant that lost weight has been able tomaintain using exercise in conjunction with the use of Fat Burner Pluz. That alone could be a majormarketing avenue for us in the next quarter and provide us with a competitive advantage in the marketof future dieters.Disadvantages: 1. The 10% of study participants that failed to lose 15+ pounds could cause possiblycreate bad press or increased pressure from our competitors. There is a potential disadvantage as anyclaims that our product has a 10% fail rate, and will therefore be a waste of money for the consumers(or worse). We can mitigate this disadvantage by being well-informed on our front, and understandingthe 2 critical components that make this accusation false. a. It is critical to understand that the 10% ofparticipants who did not lose the requisite weight did in fact lose some weight – they just did not lose asmuch weight as the others. So it cannot be called a “fail rate” when participants did actually loseweight. b. Furthermore, it is unknown whether or not those participants actually followed the program,as they were not under observation 24/7, and we only have their word.There is a good chance that some participants failed to follow the program, and that is the actual causeof the reduced weight loss results. 2. Customer dissatisfaction is always a disadvantage to consider.Obviously, we would love to please 100% of our customer base 100% of the time, and while we strivefor this, that is not always the reality. Below are some ideas that will help us minimize this risk, and Ilook forward to hearing more ideas in future discussion meetings. a. We want complaints to come to usbefore they go public. This will give us the chance to resolve the complaint before it has the chance tobe broadcast to the general public and potentially affect our sales revenues. The product packaging willinclude inserts and details on how to contact us to submit a complaint, but we are also open toadditional ideas on how to get the customer to come to us first – customer surveys, pamphlets for drugstores, signage, etc. b. We need to stay connected and active on all social media/customer interactionplatforms. If we are staying involved and on top of these, then we can maintain a positive presence, findcomplaints quickly, resolve complaints quickly, etc. Ideas for connections include Facebook, Twitter,Instagram, Better Business Bureau, Google+, etc. c. The company’s knowledgebase will be updated toinclude ready-to- go-responses to typical complaints. We will brainstorm ideas together in a futuremeeting, but in order for us to quickly and effectively resolve complaints, we will need to be trained onthe types of complaints that will likely come in, and the best ways to resolve them. This will allow us torespond to complaints quickly without having to reinvent the wheel each time.I am confident that, with all of your help, we can make this launch successful, and I welcome any ideasand feedback that you think will help us with this vision. Again, we will be sending out meeting invites inthe near future, so please keep organize your feedback and/or ideas to present in the meetings, butafter that you are free to email me or come to my office to talk to me about any additional thoughts youhave. I’m excited to work with you all on this new launch!Thank you,Chatney Merrill Product ManagerTASK C: Develop an e-mail to motivate and encourage external stakeholders of your company in yourchosen scenario.To: Aspiring Lifez Team MembersFrom: Chatney Merrill, Product ManagerSubject: Introducing new product launch – Weight Loss Optimizer -Fat Burner PluzTo Our External Stakeholders: Without further delay I am pleased to introduce to you our newestproduct development. The product is called Fat Burner Pluz. It is an all-natural weight lost andmetabolism boosting supplement that allows it’s users to lose and maintain weight loss, build braincapacity and boost metabolism. It is with great pleasure that we present you with this product andhope that you will be as excited as we are about the launch, and wanted to provide some valuableinformation as we move to launch Fat Burner Pluz. Please see the advantages and disadvantages of thepotential new product.The first of many advantages including the number of participants who lost weight and in the study theynot only expressed increased levels of energy, a promotion of clarity, along with the weight loss.Secondly over time the results continued to improve with prolonged use. The longer the participantused our product the optimization of results. The use of exercise and diet along with the product usagealmost doubled the potential weight loss during the study.In regards to disadvantages one of the many could be those with specific allergies, if there is a cocobean, coffee, caffeine allergy associated with the participant the optimal usage of the product cannot bereached. Also those with limited exercise or restricted diet obligations the results were not as drastic inthe weight loss. The energy levels and metabolism seemed to still increase over time with prolonged usebut at a much longer time period than participants who were able to use a combination of diet, exerciseand product usage.a. Complaints/Issues and or negative inquires should be directed to us internally first to allow anopportunity for correction before being released publicly. All new packaging will include verbiage andlinks to the website that will include details on how to contact, who to contact and what to include to usto submit a complaint. I have included a survey monkey at the end of each browsing experience on theblog which will allow us to project any and all customer issues or concerns. Social media presence alsopromotes customer interactions.We are excited about this opportunity, and the potential success we will achieve. Please feel free toreach out to me directly if you should have any concerns.Thank you,Chatney Merrill, Product ManagerTASK D: Develop a company blog entry in support of the new product from your chosen scenario.Fire Up your Metabolism the Right way!Are you looking for an all-natural way to lose weight and keep it off? Have you heard the latest news? Ifyou haven’t yet, don’t freight you soon will! We have a new product that we are soon launching; it is acoco bean, green tea, and guava blended weight loss supplement. Boost that metabolism, Shed the fat,and continue to look and feel fantastic!A few reasons why our customers LOVE us: 1. Triumph. In the history of natural supplementdevelopment our company’s long standing track record makes us a heavy hitter amongst the industry inproviding results2. Natural. Made from all farm raised additives, the compound makeup of the product allows for usewith or without meals and helps to revitalize.3. Ease of use. The use of the product will allow a new dieter to begin without any planning or drasticchanges.Losing weight in a safe, effective manner and then keeping it off is definitely a win in our book, which iswhy we’re so thrilled to offer this new product.Follow us on Twitter & Instagram at @FatBurnerPluz to receive updates and learn more about theproduct, and look for new products coming near you soon!TASK E: Develop a persuasive letter to the business partner in your chosen scenario in which your goalis to overcome your business partner’s objections to a shorter manufacturing lead time.Aspiring 456 E. Center St., Cityville, GA 44006Natures Plus dba Pills Inc. 6511 N. Main St. Charlotte City, NC 24114RE: Shorter Manufacturing Lead TimeDear Susan JonesPer our conversation in regards to developing a shorter manufacturing lead time, and I wanted to sharemy thoughts with you because I have been going over every possibility, and I believe that a shortermanufacturing lead time is still the best solution.As you know, we have recently acquired by Zippy Corp. The sole reason for this acquisition was due toWeight Loss Optimizer pill the Fat Burner Pluz. The level of success that has been achieved which leadsto a win for all parties during this acquisition. Our demands over all have increased and we aredepending on you to assist us in streamlining the growth and meeting the demands of our customers.In order to stay on track with future projections and anticipated sales demands we believe thatdecreasing production time using the Kaizen method limiting the use of Just in Time production wouldkeep us ahead of the curve in the manufacturing of the necessary products.It would be ideal to meet and negotiate what methods would work best for Pills Inc. that should beinvolved in the discussion. Please let me know a better day and time that will work with all partiesinvolved and when we can meet.Kind Regards, Chatney Merrill Product ManagerTASK F: Develop a response to the customer from your chosen scenario who posted a complaint aboutthe product to the company’s social media page.”Weight Loss Optimizer does not work! I’ve been using this for a week, and I haven’t lost anything! Noone should by this product!” – Amber H”Amber H – We deeply regret your lack of satisfaction with our newest product. It is our goal to ensureyour success with Weight Loss Optimizer. Our company holds our customers concerns in high regard andwe take the optimization of each experience very seriously. While using the Weight Loss Optimizer FatBurner Pluz pill it is suggested that introduction of cleaner diet and more water would promote anddevelop the achieved results. To ensure we promote your success I would like to keep fluid conversationwith you throughout your journey. The program has produced life changing results and I would toensure your results will also mirror many others. However in promotion of safe and healthy weight lossthe tracking and monitoring over time would allow a more accurate depiction of the programs strengthsand weakness. I would be more than happy to speak to you directly if you could send me a message [email protected], Let us commit to work together to ensure your future success.Thank you!” – ABC Corp Customer ServiceTASK G: Evaluate the effectiveness of the positive and negative communication strategies usedthroughout your communication portfolio for both internal and external stakeholders.A direct communication method was utilized in Tasks B and C to communicate positive messages to theemployees and external stakeholders. The ability to create buy in amongst employees/ team membersand stakeholders was desired outcome. In order to promote success as a company, creating a positivebuzz was imperative. To advertise and market to a repeat audience and having an industry stamp byalready being the producer of other successful weight-loss- related products using a direct strategyproviding information, instructions, and engagement creates a circle of trust and company buy in whichwill relate to your audience and also create a positive experience for customers.Task D was use of clear and direct strategy to communicate positive messaging. The intended audiencewould include a repeat customer base, potential new customers, stakeholders, and investors. The blogis an effective way to communicate market, advertise and promote.Task E is simply effective communication that happens to include some persuasion. Persuasion has theability to be conveyed in a negative light if not used properly. In any transition it is important to makesure all parties know their place and how important their contribution is to construction of anagreement.Task F, is the customer complaint response it should always be positive. The situation already created apossibility to trigger negative communication so the verbiage used to promote positivity for thecustomer is important in development of the end result. Using a direct or indirect method depends onthe initial communication with the customer and redirecting the potential.TASK H: Evaluate the effectiveness of the different communication modalities (e.g., e-mail, blogs,social media, and formal letters) used throughout your communication portfolio for both internal andexternal stakeholders.The use of an email to team members to introduce the new product is somewhat effective. This methodlacks the personal aspect of communication within an organization. The team members buy in to newproducts and even acquisitions depend on the introduction. If email monitoring practices within acompany are subpar this leaves the potential for information gaps. From my personal experienceinformation that was important and essential was usually introduced by more than one method. Lunchand learns allowing interaction between the distributing party and the team members, team meet upsduring the day to have round table discussions in smaller settings and also town hall meetings whichinvolved the entire company and created a trust circle with the distributor and the receiver. All effectiveways to ensure cohesiveness and cooperation amongst organization to ensure everyone knows theirrole and are on board to achieve success.The email provided to stakeholders could possibly be effective. Depending upon the interaction ofthose stakeholders a formal letter, memo, or email may have all served as proper notification to themembers of a large public company. However in a smaller company where the stakeholders may also beemployees of the company or investors who work within the industry a brief memo or companymeeting will allow interactive discussions, town hall forums or even a sponsored lunch a learn.Communication to all parties is something that essential in transitional periods of growth.The company blog is effective at developing company culture creating or maintaining buzz anddistributing of necessary information to not only the public but to stockholders, stakeholders,employees and possible future investors. An inexpensive yet effective marketing method would be aninteractive blog. It allows the dissemination of new products, news, and offers an alternate layer ofcommunication and general information involving the company.The formal letter to the business partner is effective. Considering my background an email would bemore appropriate. The use of a formal letter in such a tech concentrated environment shows a level ofseriousness but also a level of negligence. If the POC (Point of Contact) is no longer with the company orhappens to work remotely from another state or even country or contractually a physical letter couldcreate a delay in providing substantial information.The responses to customer complaints are effective if conveyed with empathy. Word of mouth has theability to make or break a brand and when customers use social media or verbal/written platforms toexpress complaints can take a life of their own if not handled adequately. When constructing anappropriate response to a customer making sure their concerns are being heard and understood showshow much the company cares, and it creates relations by taking the time to respond individually.

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