Dear determined and slowly ceased to be

Dear Mr. President,


            I’m writing
you this letter to inform you and express my stance on to why a national
holiday should be given to Anna Eleanor Roosevelt, or commonly known as Eleanor

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Facing oppression at such a young age after losing both her
parents, young Eleanor was determined and slowly ceased to be shy but rather
out going. She then later married Franklin D. Roosevelt, the 32nd
president of the united states. Despite the society role given to women at the
time, Eleanor became a very active political member during World War one, where
she began to work for the American Red Cross. After FDR suffered a polio attack
before his presidency, His wife helped and supported him through his political
career. Being the first lady, she did not stay hidden in the background, she
defied the unknown and became involved more politically. She gave press
conferences, spoke out for human rights, as well as the League of Women Voters.
With all this outstanding ­­­involvement, she also focused on helping the less
fortunate, supporting U.S troops and stood against racial discrimination, she
even had her own newspaper column, entitled “My Day”. For being a woman she
definitely went above and beyond societal roles established during that time


            Having an
active role, such as she had caused for a mix of opinions to stir. Many
criticized her and viewed it to be completely wrong that she was so actively
involved in politics and the publics issues. While, some felt a negative
connotation towards her, many others admired her astonishing commitment and
accomplishments. After the death of her husband, she did not intend to continue
any political/ public involvement. President Harry Truman appointed her as a
delegate to the United Nations General Assembly, and was reappointed by John F.
Kennedy. In later years, she become appointed to the National Advisory
Committee of the peace corps as well as Chair of the Presidents commission on
the status of women.


Roosevelt was one of the most determined and outspoken women to be a first
lady, as well as politically involved as she was during the time. Being a
leader of the women’s movement, she supported and sought for equal rights to be
given to women. “Eleanor believed women had special qualities that made them
peacemakers, conferees and mothers, but she also believed these qualities made
them fine politicians, reformers, advocates and professionals.” Her dedication
and awareness soon lead to the establishment of the first presidential
commission on the status of women. Her work not only changed the legislation,
but also was a major help towards women’s rights.


            We as young
women should be more aware of the struggle historically made for us to be given
such rights. Giving a holiday to Eleanor is more than necessary, for my life as
well as every other woman would not be the same without the sacrifices and
hardships she endured.

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