Electrolysis on its own. This procedure is

Electrolysis is a process of breaking down atoms using an electrical current to jumpstart areaction that could not occur on its own. This procedure is done through water or a liquid, whilean electrical current flow causes chemical changes. In order for it to work, the liquid has to beable to carry current. For example, when table salt is heated to its melting point it turns into aliquid; which has positive sodium ions, and negative chloride ions. The positive ions are calledCations, while Anions are negative ions. Then 2 pieces of copper are put into the liquid. Thosepieces of copper are called electrodes which are conductors, and they carry the energy throughthemselves. When they are connected through an electrical cell, the electrons will flow throughthe wire and one electrode will become positively charged which is called an anode while theother becomes negatively charged and is called a cathode. Soon the negative electrode willattract positive electrons while the positive electrode will attract negative electrons, and then achemical reaction will happen because the electrodes pass the electrons positive and negativecharges. In these chemical reactions solids, gasses, and new solutions can be created. While theliquid in this example had charged particles that were not ions, other liquids that do have freemoving ions and can conduct electricity are called electrolyte. Electrolysis was invented in 1875when Dr. Charles Michel, an ophthalmologist (someone who specializes in eye diseases) thoughtof a painless system to remove a patient’s ingrown eyelash.This method is still used to this day but the amount of uses has increased. Now industriesuse this method to separate metals such as copper, aluminum, magnesium, chlorine and manymore. Although this is only used to coat a metal with another almost everything we use and havehas been through this process. One of the most common uses of electrolysis is calledelectroplating. Car doors, forks, spoons, and other objects are coated with other metals to preventerosion or rusting in the material. It is also used to refine metals and make them aestheticallypleasing. This method mostly separates elements from rocks and dirt. It can also mix analuminum ore with bauxite to make aluminum.Another use for electrolysis is clean drinking water. The chlorine that is used to clean ourdrinking water has been produced through electrolytic ally. Because there are a lot of poorcountries that don’t have access to clean water, efforts have been made to upgrade the quality ofwater in these places. A GE engineer, with the help of a lot of volunteers were able to provide aportable water treatment device. It was made out of simple materials, and the process was calledelectrolysis. They used table salt and a car battery to make chlorine gas which would disinfectthe dirty water. The devise is supposed to have two tubes made of plastic attached at the top of aPVC cylinder. BY using the car battery it’s supposed to separate the chlorine from the salt water.When the chlorine bubbles off a few electrodes, it begins to float and mix with the contaminatedwater. Then the chlorine oxidizes and kills pathogeans in the water. After 2 hours of chlorinationthe water is safe to drink.Electrolysis has a similar concept to elements, their atoms, and their charges. When wewatched a detailed video explaining the periodic table of elements I heard that when trying tofind new elements they do similar producers like electrocuting, and smashing together atoms toform new ones. Electrolysis is a complicated but at the same time interesting topic to know; butbecause we already went through so much in science I think that I can really understand what ishappening between the chemical changes, and reactions the electrons are having. The positiveand negative charges are something that is easy to understand because as we learned oppositesattract. I never knew that a liquid could be able to conduct electricity based on if they havepositive and negative charge. The bonding of the atoms and their shared bonds really helped meunderstand more as well because I knew that some type of chemical change was occurring butelectrolysis really explained a lot of what can be done to atoms to force them into somethingnew.

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