Environment is occurring due to human encroachment

vulnerability is the most concern of Ranthambhore
tiger reserve due to rapidly land use and land cover changes. Meanwhile, it is
widely well known about tiger habitat but the last
couple of decade’s massive anthropogenic pressure is occurring due to human
encroachment of their habitat. Especially, highly environment vulnerability happening
in periphery areas by local communities.  As well as RTR is surrounded by various nomadic and tribal communities,
which are very closely associated with forest ecosystem.

On the ground, there
are numerous causes behind of this phenomenon
Such as expansion of agriculture services,
rapidly increase urban sprawl, disappear of social values, disrespect of nature, commercialization, unsustainable
practices of natural resource and mismatch of policies,
planning and management etc.  Therefore, forest
ecosystem is diminishing, which is a most
concern for Tiger terrestrial ecosystems.

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This study is a major
focus on periphery areas around within 2 kilometers, which is highly
physical and socio-economic vulnerable condition rather other than core areas. As
a protection areas have two major zones first one is a core area which is
called “No Go Zone Area” and the second one is the “Buffer Areas” or “Periphery
Area”.  However,
in the buffer area of RTR have most valuable part of the in-situ conservation of tigers.

research is showing LULC of the peripheral area of Ranthambhore tiger reserve
(1975, 1990, 2005 and 2015) within 2 km. This area is highly dense by the concentration of local communities. If we see
1975 map, forest density was very high but gradually diminishing through
anthropogenic services in 1990, 2005 and 2015. As well as continuously
expansions of agriculture services in core and buffer areas due to requiring basic needs of local communities and
diffusion of new technology transformation.

with semi urbanization is spreading and
create a new built area which is creating
a condition of the desert landscape for forest ecosystem in the buffer
area within 2 km. These are few pockets are prominent for the built areas such
as a Sawai Madhopur city, Khandar city and Gangapur city in Sawai Madhopur and
Karauli district, where the LULC changes are rapidly increasing due to
spreading of urban concrete, socio-economic development activities and
expansion of cultivation land etc.


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