From the issues of asylum seeking among

From the table 4.5 above, the following describe the
women characteristics that benefits from incentives given to asylum seeker, it
shows that 60% of the women have German residence permit and the other 40% are
about to obtain it. Those with German permit are now eligible to work; they
have left asylum benefit class and are now in the job centers.



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research is a sensitive one because of the confidentiality towards its
respondents. As researchers on the issues of asylum seeking among woman in
Passau, this research was done by making a research plan, after concluding the
plan; it was discovered that the target group was too big and a decision to
narrow it down to a specific group with common identity was made. So, Nigerian
women was selected as the target group.

next step was how to locate these group, various options were available like; doing
a street storm at the central bus station in Passau or on the street and
conduct interviews with African women, the response rate was zero. Another
option was to locate a place where they usually assemble and make free
discussion with them; Afro shop seems to be a right place.

On getting to the shop, the shop owner was
hospitable and the purpose of the research was discussed. She was so helpful in
explaining to her female customers why they should participate and comply as
well; she created a friendly environment for discussion and questions. During
the interview, the women were so open and easily assessable, the women
explained lot of issues and experiences which prompted another challenge.

The challenge was after designing the questionnaire with
its aim and hypothesis, it was discovered that there were more questions to the
research topic that was not considered during planning. Therefore, some
necessary adjustments and inclusion were made after listening to the recorded
interviews which aided the research design. The research questionnaire assumed
the women migrated from Africa, but the interview identifies that most of the
women have lived outside their countries (in other EU countries) of origin
before coming to Germany. Three of the women have lived in other European
countries for a minimum of 7 years before migrating to Germany. Therefore,
these women are classified as economic migrants because they do not match the
definitions of a refugees or asylum seekers. This is because their main aim is
to search for a better standard of living. Questions were asked; one of which
is “why they were accepted in Germany as asylum seekers” their answers were
based on the reasons they documented on arrival in Germany. They declared their
status as a refugee and gave a horrible story behind their migration from
Africa and some of them even claimed it was their first time in Europe because
they identified themselves without an identity or nationality making their
situations a humanitarian case.

interesting experience from the women was a case of divorcing her husband with
her two children in Spain, where they resided for 6 years and migrated to
Germany and declared herself as asylum seeker. She further explained her sufferings,
from how she left Nigeria to Spain for better life but on arrival in Spain, she
was given a regimented life; that is, she had applied as an asylum seeker in
Spain. She could not work neither desire anything good for herself, her best
option in Spain was the child support stipend. When she discovered she was four
weeks pregnant for her third baby, she left Spain for Germany and declared her
status as asylum seeker again. Three years later she has her German residence
permit and her two other children have relocated to Germany from Spain. She has
currently left all social benefit schemes and moved on to the job centers.     

the same desire of all the women that were interviewed was to be self-dependent
financially, there is a strong desire for independency; which could only result
from obtaining a German permit (residency) in other to have a better life for
themselves and their children. This was a strong reflection point, because
their desires for children in Germany was not born out of the asylum program
and fertility benefits rather it was a means of become financially independent.


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