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In the world with 7 billion plus people, the resources on Earth can barely provide for its people right now. Earth has a surface of  196.9 million square miles, but only 40 percent of that is being used for agriculture. However, not all of the crops produced goes to humans. According to, “…55 percent of all the food crops grown go to feed people directly. More than a third (36 percent) is used to feed livestock and the remaining 9 percent is grown for biofuels and industrial products.” Even when there is 40 percent of land used for agriculture, around 805 million people are starving, under nutritious. But that 40 percent of land can’t go any higher. As the people expand the land, more harm is occurring. With a growing population, the farmland that is already under cultivation won’t satisfy the needs of the people; although expanding the land might seem the most logical, it will have long term effect, and the only way to fix this epidemic is to use special farming techniques and reduce the amount of waste. With the growing population, farming has been one important necessity in life, but farming has led to many agricultural footprints and the growing population is making it worst. As the population grows, more food and farmland is needed. But as stated before, expanding the farmland can have a great toll on the environment. It is predicted that there will be 9 billion people on earth, adding 2 billion from the current state of the world right now. Right now with a population of 7 billion there are 805 million that are starving. So whenever the population rises by 2 billion, more people would starve. The demand on food is extremely high and will continue to increase exponentially. For example in Africa a lot of people are starving due to the lack of farmland in Africa. Most of the land in Africa are being unfertilized because of the mass desertification and lack of water. A lot of people think we can just expand our farmland but it’s not possible because of the agricultural footprint that farming has leaving behind. Agriculture right now is one of the main cause of pollution and deforestation.Farming has caused massive pollution due to the fertilizer runoff and release of methane from the cattles and rice farms. Not only that, farming causes deforestation because farmers sometimes need more land and are forced to cut down trees to make room. But as less trees are on the world and more carbon in the air, the remaining trees won’t be able to convert the carbon to oxygen which is another big problem. Although it might seem like there is no hope, there are ways to help reduce and prevent these problems. One of the few ways to fix this is to use more farming techniques such as crop rotation and vertical farming. With crop rotation, when the farmers plants different crops, the soil will continue to be fertilized. Since the soil is still usable more crops are able to be farmed and it can last longer. Another technique is vertical farming. With vertical farming, farmers are able to plant a lot more plants in less space. It is a way of saving space but at the same time planting the same amount of crops. There are a lot more ways to help solve his problem such as fixing everyone’s diet and reducing the amount of food waste. Around 1.3 billion tonnes of food is wasted each year. So if everyone can reduce less food, it can be used to feed other people that are in need.       Overall the growing population has made it very difficult to feed everyone since almost all the suitable farmland is used. But of course it’s not possible for the farmland to expand due to all of the agricultural footprints that farming has left. Those agricultural footprints include pollution and deforestation. But there are few simple ways of fixing this, such as using more farming techniques and changing everyone’s diet to reduce food waste. What’s needed is a more efficient way to farm more crops but with less land.       

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