Reporter: and many more. We also took

Reporter: Hello and welcome back the MA History News Channel. Today, we are going to be discussing the Ottoman Empire’s Governing System. I have Cadby here with us to help us understand the Governing of the Ottoman Empire better.Cadby: ***Walk on*** What? Why am I here? (the reporter whispers to him) ***Look at the camera*** Oh!Reporter: Can you please first explain how the Ottoman Empire was made.Cadby: Sure, Osman the First created the Ottoman Empire. His military quickly conquered over many areas, including Syria, Palestine, and many more. We also took over the Byzantine Empire after they collapsed.Reporter: Cool, how did Osman the First rule? Cadby: Well, he was quite kind. We first were Bureaucratic and had minimal to no taxes at all.Reporter: What happened after that??Cadby: Well, the governing power was switching back and forth for a while. But, then the ruling system was Feudalistic.Reporter: what is feudalistic again?Cadby: I thought that you were supposed to know that. Why are you even here?Reporter: ***raise voice a little*** ***(Whisper loudly) ***I already know what it means!!! I am supposed to have this channel to inform people!!Cadby: well, fine. Feudalistic means that there is Nobility and Poverty and the Poverty works for the nobility. (Show picture of feudalism on screen)Reporter: Okay, well then, who were the “Power Figures” in the Ottoman Empire?Cadby: The Grand Vizier and Sheikh-ul-Islam.Reporter: What is a Sheikh… ulaCadby: Sheikh-ul-Islam??Reporter: Yea, who is that?Cadby: Firstly the Sheikh-ul-Islam is quite high ranking role and secondly this is Religious Title given to outstanding scholars.Reporter: OH!!! But, What is the Grand Vizier?Cadby: Okay, the Grand Vizier is the Prime Minister of the Ottoman Empire. The Grand Vizier is high ranking and has great power.Reporter: Alright, that makes sense! What are the ‘special laws’ in the Ottoman Empire??Cadby: Well, I believe that the Law of Fratricide is quite important.Reporter: So, Firstly, what language was this law written in and secondly what is the law itself.Cadby: The language was most likely in Arabic or Turkish, as that was what had been spoken back then. Secondly, the law states that when a king dies, whichever son takes rule. Must, kill all of his brothers.Reporter: What??? Why???Cadby: Well, this law was put into play, when Mehmet the First had to fight all of his brothers in a bloodthirsty war, to become the king. This war nearly destroyed parts of the Ottoman Empire. So, Mehmet the Second decided to put the Law of Fratricide into place.Reporter: Did this law last long??Cadby: Well, no eventually, Ahmed the First put this law out of play in the Ottoman Empire to prevent more wars.Reporter: Smart Man!!Cadby: Yes!Reporter: Are there anymore ‘bloodthirsty’ laws?Cadby: Nope, but there is the law of Kanun.Reporter: So, what is the law of Kanun?Cadby: Well, it is a secular legal system.Reporter: So, what does that mean?Cadby: It means, that in the ottoman empire, they were free to do their own religion and teachings.Reporter: Interesting. So, that made the Ottoman empire have many cultures and religions.Cadby: Yes.Reporter: Anything else that I should know.Cadby: That it smells like roses in here?Reporter: That is called an air freshener.***Whisper***Cadby: OKReporter: Anything related to the Ottoman Empire.Cadby: No that is all to the Governing. Now, I have to go get back to my time machine.Reporter: wha???Cadby: What, you think I aged this well. I used time travel, now bye.Reporter: ***Look Stunned*** OK????Reporter: Thank You for watching the MA Mustangs News. Have a nice day. ***Say quietly*** I need to lie down…

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