Everybody up, come close after, go near,”

Everybody wants to to be successful in the world we all want to be successful and feel successful. We all want to have all the  money and power, in the world,  relationships and a millions of other things but ever really thinking to ask one very very that one important question that all of what to know the answer to. What is really success? Albert Schweitzer said “Success is not the key to happiness. happiness is the key to success. If you love what you are doing, you will be successful.” So what does success really mean? Well it comes from the Latin word “to go under and  go up, come close after, go near,”  But many people  have their own Idea of what success really Means. Success is to me is that when you have that feeling that you have accomplished something big in your life or a huge life goal in your life accomplishing big things in your life. Everyone should believe they can be successful sometime in their life, you just have to work hard. Colin R. Davis once said “The road to success and the road to failure are almost exactly the same.” He’s saying that success and failure  are about the same. A successful person is gonna fail multiple times to succeed at something, you just have to set a life goal to get to that point to successions even if gonna take alot of time.Before any one of us can have the feeling of success  we need to  figure out what success really is and what success is not. If  you just  spend just about 30 min on any social media platform you’ll realize about how many famous people have a very interesting way of defining success. Most of them all think it’s about having good life, or living the dream or having the best relationship with friends and family and  making a million  dollar business or something or having a large social media base following on social  media or on any social  media platform and most of the times they use  famous celebrities or entrepreneurs well known people, to inspire other individuals . There is no wrong or right way to get to success, Many of these people are right or having the right thinking about what success really is but being like them doesn’t make you successful or like them. Make your own success because once you do then you can inspire other people to reach their goals in life and help them be successful in life later on. So many people have tried so hard to changing their life ways such as working over time or struggled to fight their way to the top position of the company of the world only to feel like a failure and and not good enough once they get there. They become  unhappy because they followed the wrong path or that the success is to much for them to handle the don’t realize the really and wrong meaning of success one that they did know what they were getting in to.Alot  of famous people think helping other people out  brings them the lots of  crazy emotions to their  life sometimes success looks like a life in a better world . Some realize that starting a big business or amazing product brings them happiness. Some would rather care more about the money then other people The main rule  is that what makes me happy doesn’t make someone else happy.  People’s visions of success definitely looks nothing like mine or your best  friends you guys may have similar visions but that the same look in life everyone has their  own opinion and that’s how it should stay everyone’s  visions different………..

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