Have connecting flights and making money each

       Have you ever been in a flight where the captain announces that there is an Emergency Landing and You Freaked Out, Well Emirates Airlines Has Broken the World Record with the Least Incident and Accidents in the World.


It all started in the late 1950s when the British people found Dubai, Sheikh Saeed Bin Maktoum al Maktoum started to trade oil with other countries to make profit and run his government, he also required different parts of his government to make profit from the infinite oil they had, later on sheikh Saeed had died in 1958, his son Sheikh Rashid Bin Saeed Al Maktoum carried on his father’s career as a gift to his father. U.A.E wanted its own airline company, but didn’t have enough money to create one, so they started to co-operate with Gulf Airlines and started connecting flights and making money each year, after few years, Gulf Airlines ended the co-operation with United Arab Emirates, they made a huge loss of profit which made many difficulties, later on in 1984, Sheikh Mohammed Bin Rashid Al Maktoum And Mr. Flanagan Discussed Launching An Airline In Dubai, 10 men team produced business plans for the new airline, the new airline was planned to be called Dubai Airlines or Emirates Airlines.

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In 1985, Mr. Flanagan embarked the company’s first flight. With the help of Pakistan International Airlines and got provided two aircrafts and launched the airline with $10 million in five months, the first flight was to Karachi, Pakistan, New Delhi And Bombay, India, since the first aircraft flew to Karachi, Pakistan so every flight had the letters (EK) at the beginning, on October 25th flight EK600 departed from Dubai International Airport to Karachi, this was the time when the journey began. Few months later, His Highness Sheikh Mohammed Bin Rashid Al Maktoum gifted Emirates Airlines two Boeing 727-200s aircrafts, and the total number of aircrafts they had where only 3.


In 1986, Sheikh Ahmad and Mr. Tim Clark joined Mr. Flanagan’s team and Emirates Airlines started setting new destinations to new cities, the new cities were:

Amman, Colombo, Dhaka and Cairo. In the beginning of Emirates Airlines career, they lost their investment, which was the only bad thing that happened to them during 1986.


In 1987, Emirates Airlines aircraft’s traveled destinations like London’s Gatawick Airport, Istanbul, Frankfurt And Male receiving aircrafts designed to Emirates specifications giving the airlines the opportunity to fully implement its commitment to offering a supervisor flying experience than its rivals, 1988 and 1989 were working fine, with no new events.


In 1990, Emirates Airlines financial business and population started growing, Sheikh Ahmed Signed up for three Airbus A210-300s at the Asean Aerospace exhibition in Singapore using the money and earnings they had, later on Emirates Airlines bucked the industry trend and continued to expand despite the Iraqi invasion of Kuwair and added Manchester to its schedule.


In 1991, Emirates Airlines finally got a slot at the busiest international hub in the world London Heathrow, also Emirates Airlines ordered seven Boeing 777s, with an option for seven more, in a $64.5 million deal.


In 1995, Emirates Airlines became the first airline to install video systems in all seats in all classes throughout its fleet, also Emirates Airlines became the first airline to order a $20 million airbus full-flight simulator, as Emirates Airlines celebrated its 10th birthday, it had a fleet flying to 34 locations in the Middle East, Far East and Europe. Emirates Airlines opened it first flight training center.


In 1996, Emirates became as a title sponsor of the world’s richest horse racing event – The Dubai World Cup.


In 1997, Emirates Airlines made a $2 billion order for 16 Airbus A330-200s,


In 1998, Emirates Airlines increased its capacity by 26 per cent as a passenger figures hit 3.7 million, while cargo levels go up to 200,000 tones, Emirates Airlines also got a voted as the best airline in the world at prestigious OAG Awards, since the capacity of passengers were too much for Dubai International Airport and it got really busy, Emirates decided to open the $540 million terminal 2 was opened at the Dubai International Airport.


In 1999, Emirates Airlines workforce totals 11,000, passenger arrivals at Dubai International Airport hit the 11 million mark.


In 2000, The Sheikh Rashid Terminal opens increasing the capacity at Dubai International 22 million passenger a year, Emirates Airlines was the first airline to sign up for the Airbus A380 when it orders seven, with an option on five more, at the Farnborough Air Show.


In 2001, Emirates Airlines signed 24 million euros deal to sponsor English Premiership football club Chelsea for four years, with rivals reeling from September 11 and Boeing and Airbus in a weak  bargaining position, Emirates stuns the world by announcing a $15 billion order for 15 A380s, eight A340-600s, three A330s and 25 Boeing 777s.


In 2002, Emirates bought a new hangar complex at the Emirates Engineering Center With an amount of $275 million.


In 2003, Emirates Increased By 26%, the airlines posts an incredible profits increase of 94 per cent to Dhs907 million from Dhs468 million, the A340-500 features revolutionary ice in-flight entertainment system including 500 channels in all classes, with every seat is equipped with a phone.


In 2004, Emirates signed a 100 million euros deal with English Premiership side Arsenal, which includes naming rights to its new stadium for 15 years and shirt sponsorship for eight years, starring from the 2006/07 season. The SkyCargo fleet was increased with three Airbus A310 added to its six Boeing 747s.


In 2005, Emirates Airlines workforce totals 25,000 people from 124 countries around the world, making it Dubai’s biggest employer. Emirates Ordered 41 Boeing 777s in a deal worth $9.7 billion, the largest Boeing 777 order in history.


In 2006, Emirates sealed $195 million partnership deal with Fifa the world governing body of football and also bought the rights to screen every match played at the Germany World Cup on flights, Sheikh Ahmed also announced that Emirates is at the heart of Dubai’s Dhs300 billion investment in aviation and aerospace.

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